Sunday, 24 August 2014

101 Concepts for Summer Project

Hi! Above, or below, or wherever these images are, are my 101 concept drawings. Overall, I'm relatively pleased with them as they have a consistent size and style. I tried to spend no longer than 30 seconds on each, although I did occasionally spend a little longer on some of them, and ignored any mistakes I made.  I, personally, like how they're close to each other as it makes the page look interesting...If that makes sense. I do, however, think that my last 24 look a bit rushed. I think that is because I was no longer able to think of more ideas for each object, so some of look similar to the earlier ones. I found it easiest to turn the objects into characters as it's just a case of creating a face and/or body, in comparison to creating a machine or structure.
I hope as I progress through the course, my imagination will improve and I'd be able to create 101 concept drawings that are completely unique.

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality. I don't have the best lighting and I don't have any good photo editing software on this laptop.