Monday, 22 June 2015

What If? Metropolis #2 : Influence Map - City concept

Looking at Hans Hofmann's work it is very compact and colourful due to a series of shapes. These shapes are all squeezed into the picture and so resembles that of a shanty town. Looking at these cities, especially the Favela in Brazil, the buildings are all very close to each other and are also, in some cases, quite colourful. Some of the images in the influence map show this as there is a wide selection of colours involved, especially in the second image down from the top right corner. That is something that can be seen in Hofmann's work and so would create an equally compact setting.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What If? Metropolis #2: Influence Map - Hans Hoffman + Initial thoughts + Fantastic Voyage UPDATE

This is an influence map showing some of Hans Hofmann's work. As you can see it is very abstract and so creates some interesting shapes. With regards to designing the city, my initial thoughts are that it should be very colourful and quite obscure. In some of these pictures, I can see layouts of a city, replacing blocks with buildings of the same colour and using  colours for the sky/sea/background etc. In comparison to both Bridget Riley's work and the city I designed,  I imagine this one to be more vivid and more "crazy" - if that's the right word. I think my biggest challenge will be managing to convert the rather basic shapes and colours of his work into a city.

Fantastic Voyage UPDATE:
I have been working in flash for a couple of weeks or so now, and have been doing so while having a wealth of internet problems. I intended to have it finished by the end of this week, but it will probably be next week.

What If? Metropolis #2 : Who's Who? - Hans Hofmann

The bibliography and illustration list are a little confusing because I wasn't able to find all the information needed, but this is my research into Hans Hofmann, who my What If? Metropolis resubmission will be based upon.