Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Personal Work: Nightmare Before Christmas

I know I should be focusing on other work, but I have done this digital painting of one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite films, which just so happens to be a Christmas film. As the game that I'll be designing for the character project is set in a world that is covered in snow, this has helped me when painting snow. I'm really pleased with this as it looks very similar to the scene of the film.

- Merry Christmas everyone ! -

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Narrative: Poster in Maya

Poster in Maya 

I have taken the poster and have put it into Maya, by creating a UV, which can be seen below. It's quite basic as it won't be on screen for that long so there's no need to go to any major effort.

UV Layout

Narrative: Poster Design

 In our animation there is a shot where a knife hits a poster. I have designed this poster as an advert for the circus. I wanted to make it quite basic, yet colourful, which is what I think it is. I am very pleased with this as it looks like a proper poster for a circus.



Narrative: Fully rigged Assistant

 Using the rig skeleton that I created for the Assistant character, it is now linked to the model. I needed Alan's help as I was having trouble with the arms and neck, in particular. I have put the model into a basic pose to demonstrate the current effect of the rigs on the model. It is now ready for skinning.

Narrative: Rigging the Assistant

 For the past few days, I have been creating the skeleton rig for the Assistant character in our animation. I created this skeleton by following the rigging tutorials from last year. It has taken longer than I intended, but I'm happy that I managed to complete it successfully, without any major issues.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Narrative: Revised Animatic + Storyborard

Animatic (No Sound)

One of my jobs for my narrative group was to create the storyboard and animatic. As the first attempts didn't make the story an easy task to understand and had a few other problems, I need to fix those problems. One of the things I needed to do was to introduce the female character earlier, as it felt strange for her to appear randomly near to the end. I have introduced both characters within the same shot and they both have similar lengths of time on screen.

I had some problems thinking about an appropriate ending, however, and so I gave it a bit of an ambiguous ending, as it is open to interpretation as to whether he throws the knife on or off target. This will therefore lead to the theme of fate being answered.