Friday, 25 July 2014

Pen drawing of the Manarola coast in Italy

My pen drawing of the Manarola coast in Italy.


  1. ta da! Look, Tutorphil appears as if by magic on your blog to say 'congrats on getting some content on here' and also to offer some constructive feedback: so, prior to publishing images on your blog, just think about a bit of housekeeping first; these pencil drawings are lovely and delicate, and I think a bit of polish in Photoshop would be good to rid them of their greyness. When taking photos of your work for the blog, make sure the resolution/quality is very high - avoid shadows; if possible, take pictures of your work using daylight (avoid the horrid curse of yellow energy saving lightbulbs). In short, always treat your work with love and respect before posting and make sure it looks it's very best before you press 'publish'! :)

    1. Ok, thanks. Although I don't have Photoshop on my computer. Hopefully, when I get my new computer, I'll get all the necessary software then.