Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bob Godfrey - Breaking Bad

I have always liked drawing caricatures/cartoons of celebrities/ tv/ film characters etc. so this little optional "project" is something I would like to do. This is my first one, as I hope to do a few more because there's only a certain amount of fun that you can get from continuously playing Halo. Anyway, this is based on Breaking Bad, and everyone must think I'm crazy about it at this point. I drew Walt (Right) and Jesse (left) on paper with a pencil first, then I drew over it in photoshop. Looking at Godfrey's work, he uses bold black lines for the outline and bright colours, which this drawing has, but his works colour looks very quick and over-lapping, because his work is usually coloured by pen. I think I showed that style in Walt's beard and slightly in their clothes, but not so much in the skin. You can see it doesn't really match the usual style of caricatures. What I mean by that, is that their facial features haven't been exaggerated, e.g. a big forehead or a big nose. As I have said, I have always like drawing caricatures, but I've never really managed to create my own. I can imagine what they'd look like, but when I'd try to draw it, I wouldn't know how to begin. I tried to playing with their facial features a little, but it didn't work, so I left it as is.

I'm really pleased with it, although it could be a bit more Bob Godfrey like.

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