Thursday, 11 December 2014

What If? Metropolis: Texturing progress + UV Maps

I have been adding the textures to some of the buildings and the picture above shows my progress. Although, just after I screen shot the screen, my computer froze and closed Maya, so I have to add textures to some of the cylinder buildings, so luckily I haven't lost much.

For some reason, the buildings that I have added textures to are all black silhouettes. However I think that actually gives me a good idea of how dark the city can be.

I have been making the textures by going on the UV texture editor and copying the image into photoshop and painting over them. Below are 4 examples that. The first two are for square buildings and the bottom two are for cylinder buildings. They all look how I wanted them to when put on the building, which is obviously a good thing.

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