Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Narrative & Character: Briefing

In today's briefing, we learned more about what we will be doing in our groups, as well as what our individual projects will be.

For both projects, we had to chose 3 cards and so our work would be based on what we got. For our group project, we got "Metric Montage" as the type of editing that our animation must have, it must be set in a Circus and it should be based on fate. As a group, we have done some discussions as to how we can connect the three components and so more will be posted in our Cresecnt Moon Studios blog, which we will also need to complete the design of as well as creating a logo. 

For the individual project, I got "Urban" as the type of world that the game is set, and "Air" and "Resources". An obvious idea or game that is similar to "Resources" is Minecraft, but it could also lead to ideas of it revolving around gold mining. An Urban environment would be a type of city or revolve around the culture of it's people, perhaps. Incorporating "Air" into a game, however, seems a little odd. An example though is it could require wind as what allows the game to progress. 


  1. Urban and resources kind of reminds me of raccoons? No idea why :')

    1. That's quite interesting. Animals like Raccoons and Foxes live in Urban areas and tend to dig through our rubbish/parks etc., so perhaps they could be the characters? Thank you, Kayliegh. :)