Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Personal Work: Update

After looking back at my blog, there is a clear lack of digital paintings and drawings in recent posts, so I thought I'd upload some of my latest personal work. There is still a lot more room for improvement, but I am still happy with the progress that I have made over the past two years and so hope this year will see a bigger boost in quality.

I have organised these into the order in which I made them (Old to New).

 BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) - Digital painting - (Made 12th January)

House of Cards is one of the my favourite TV series', and Kevin Spacey is my favourite actor in general - his performances in Se7en (1995), American Beauty (1999) and The Usual Suspects (1995) are partcular favourites. I went into this drawing unsure as to whether I should do the usual, take a line drawing and then add to it in Photoshop, but as it progressed, I felt that using my line art style would work well - which I think it has.

Frank Underwood (Played by Kevin Spacey in House of Cards - Pen Drawing - (Made 12th March)

Although I do have a certain drawing style and way of using Photoshop, I feel that it could benefit from a further style choice. For this drawing of The Bride from Kill Bill, I drew this out on paper first, like I usually do, but I left in some shading in from the pencil. I think it looks quite effecttive in the arms and demonstrates creases in the clothes, but overall, it looks a bit too dirty and needs "brightening up" in places. I, also, tried to incorporate the anime influences from the film into this, but that is not at all clear.
 Beatrix Kiddo (Played by Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill (2003) - Digital Painting - (Made 5th July)

Recently, I have got into the habit of taking things and turning them into tattoo designs. I did also make a Drive (2011) and Trainspotting (1996) design, but they didn't look quite as good and look like I've just put a load of random things from each film into one image. Before I made those though, I turned one of my favourite film quotes into a design. The famous Joker quote from Batman (1989) is something that I've always liked, and so I looked at ballroom dancing images and used one of them as a starter for this design. I think the colours look good as they stand out and combine with each other well, although I think certain tones could have been improved, especially in the dress.

Tattoo design inspired by Batman (1989) - (Made 17th July)

Like many people, I saw Suicide Squad recently,and perhaps unlike many people, I really liked it, despite it's clear flaws. One undeniable strength of the film lies in it's character performances, especially Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn. It seemed look a good fit to make a tattoo design based on her. It's quite simple, but the overall composition is what works best. I definitely think that my drawing of people faces is improving, as not only this but my Frank Underwood drawing both look like their respective actors.
Harley Quinn (Played by Margot Robbie) - Tattoo Design - (Made 9th August)

 In case you were wondering what the Drive (2011) and Trainspotting (1996) designs looked like, here they are (before doing further work in Photoshop):

Trainspotting (1996) - Tattoo Design

Drive (2011) - Tattoo Design


  1. I think your pictures of Harley and Frank Underwood are your strongest. The lines are clean and the shapes are smooth and well-defined.

    1. Thanks Mark. I definitely agree with you there. :)