Thursday, 5 January 2017

Minor/Major Project: First Script draft

This is the first script draft for this project. There are still some things that will need to be added/changed: I need to figure out how to do a start/end credits screen, how each scene will transition to the next, what the final animation will be called, and will also need to fix any little problems or improve some scenes.

I have also cut out one of the scenes, due to the fact that I think it has the least comedic potential and it may make the whole animation a bit too long. (It is Clip #5 from the last Clip ideas post, that I posted on 17th November 2016).

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  1. Hi Dan. Nice to see you posting but are we going to get an update on your models and rigs? The Maya process. Don't forget blogging and explaining your process is part of you grade.