Sunday, 12 March 2017

Minor/Major Project: UV Layout - Alex

 I have set up the UV layouts for Alex. Like the Tim model, there are a few problems that I will need to fix. Overall tough, I think they will work due to the simplicity of the textures.

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  1. 13th March:

    Major project submission: 1 sketch (Spiderman episode).
    At time of writing: one character (Tim) is half-rigged and UV-ed (not textured).
    Second character (Alex) is modelled and UV-ed (not rigged).

    By next Monday (20th?) - what are your goals?

    1) Tim fully rigged + texture tests...
    2) Consider working on campus to be close to 'quick fixes' and guidance.
    3) email Alan to organise an opportunity for a review of your workflow so far.
    4) Overhaul your housekeeping - so blog updates - you need to receipt your workflow.