Thursday, 18 September 2014

Final 3 Concepts

Left it a little late to upload, but here are my three concepts that I took further.

I am quite happy with how the life-form turned out because when I first created it, when doing the 101 drawings, I didn't mean for it to look like that but it ended up looking quite good, I thought. I decided to give it a bit more of a character by putting it in a suit, but I kept the overall design intact as I wanted it to still look like the original object.

I am not too pleased with most of the machines I did, but the one I chose looked quite realistic, I thought, as it looks quite like a pump machine. I couldn't think of many ways as to how I could take it much further because machines don't have much detail and style anyway. I improved the cogs slightly to make them look a bit more functional.  I could have tried to make it look a little more industrial by adding more detail to it in places.

I am not at all pleased with my structure, mainly because I think I rushed it slightly. Not much thought went into ways to take it further and improve it. Instead, I just kept repeating the same design, making small tweaks here and there, which don't make much of a difference. I think I should have made it look a bit more realistic, even though realistic isn't necessarily what we're aiming for.

I would have liked to do these on the computer, but I don't have any kind of drawing software, that's why I stuck with the same style as my 101 small drawings and that is also why I did a few smaller drawings around them so that I could experiment with my ideas a little more.

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