Sunday, 7 September 2014

Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I would just like to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me. My name is Daniel, but as most people call me Dan, that is why Dan is the name on my blog - It's up to you what name you chose to call me. :) I am 18, so I may be one of the youngest in the group, but I have been going to Rochester UCA for the past 2 years, so if anyone has any questions about the university or the area around UCA, I'll be happy to help.

My favourite colour is blue and I am a big football fan. I believe my interest in animation came from my childhood as most of it was spent watching Toy Story, Nightmare before Christmas or The Iron Giant.

I am very impressed by everyone's work and I hope that I can improve, personally, to reach the levels that you are all at.

I will also be happy to accept any friend requests on Facebook and I will follow back anyone on twitter (@dreason23). :D

I look forward to meeting you all.

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