Monday, 29 September 2014

Thin Cities 3 - Armilla

These are my first 16 thumbnails for Armilla. With regards to the drawing side of things, I think I'm getting there. Through a little bit of help, I now know how to work with light/tone a bit more and I also now use a brush that suits my style. I'm not anywhere near the standards of other people in the group, but at least I'm making progress. Anyway....I quite liked the idea of this city as it allowed me to not worry about making perfect shapes, so I could be free with the pen. Even the thumbnails that aren't well-drawn have a good idea behind them. I like number 3, especially, as the "Pop. 0" sign tells a story, and it can also be worked on a lot more. For the last 4, I tried to use my new knowledge of using light and I think that came out quite well. They feel like a deserted/abandoned world, and they have a sense of scale.


  1. Dan, is it my imagination or are you drawing the same city over and over again? All those rectangles... hmmm. Time to mix things up a bit - different brushes, different tools - I reckon you're in a rut! Climb out! :)

  2. Yeah, I know. I did think that.

  3. Hey Dan,
    I like the bottom 4 on this page, 2nd one from the left looks really nice. Could you possibly number the next batch so its easier to discuss them?
    Look forward to seeing more!

  4. Cheers, Charlie. I'll remember to make the numbers clearer next time. :)

  5. Hey Dan, we can see you. Phil has a point, bunt don't rely on just the software to mix things up for you.... start to combine shapes, mix up the scales, stretch the forms and experiment with tonality. Stuff will work, stuff won't but you will have fun.


    Don't forget the two tutorials you have to do for Monday..... As a reminder they are:

    Character Part 1: Modelling