Friday, 18 March 2016

Adaptation B: Crit Feedback

In yesterday's crit, it was agreed that getting all 6 buildings modelled and then making an animation with them, would be a challenge and that the buildings shouldn't be able to move. It was decided that I should take one of the buildings/characters and should make a high-res model turnaround. Phil mentioned the idea of having a weather transition so it will go from day to night and so you can see lights turn on/off and even see candle lights flicker. This is a very interesting idea that I am looking forward to doing. I then started thinking about the idea of including snow as it would be very suitable for a Charles Dickens building, although it may be a bit of a cliche.

I was given the choice of any of the 6 characters, and as I have progressed with it more than the others, as well as it being my favourite anyway, I chose the Scrooge building. As it's a turnaround, I will need to draw both side views and the view from the back. I have also been thinking about the idea of the building been displayed on a wooden base, similar to ones that are on trophies, but where it of course still applies to the Charles Dickens "Universe".

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