Thursday, 3 March 2016

Adaptation B: Fagin & Mrs Gamp - Initial Designs

Using the same methods of editing and drawing as the other 2 initial designs, I have created my initial ides for Fagin and Mrs Gamp's Building. These were a little more tricky than the previous designs and so they took a bit longer to do. 

I wanted Fagin's building to be quite siister looking and being very crooked. I think this needs quite a bit more work to do as I think it's a bit too upright and isn't very scary. Mrs Gamp, however, is the opposite. I wanted it to look friendly, which I think it does. As Mrs Gamp will be looking after Oliver, it needs to look very 'caring'. When drawing this buildin, I was looking at images of cosy cafes as well as cottages. 

I'm quite pleased with the Mrs Gamp building as it looks friendly and, in that respect, is much different to all the drawings that I've done, so far. Like I said, the Fagin builidng still needs a fair bit of work done to it to make it look like how I want it to.

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  1. Maybe what Fagin's house needs is a few loose tiles, some rotted wood. It's a house Fagi nis basically squatting in, but in terms of how crooked it is I don't think it looks too bad in that respect.