Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Adaptation B : Finding the main Shapes & Skeletons

Original Drawings

Like I said in the previous post, I am still some way away from getting the overall shape/design of the buildings. I have continued to try out some techniques as to how I can convert the human form characters into buildings.

One of the things that I did was going round the outline of each sketch to get a single shape, but having them still resemble their characters. Some of them look quite odd, but I think some of them have some building like shapes to them. One such case in Miss Havisham where her head/vale create a shape like a triangular roof. Scrooge also has a chimney like arm. I have put the original drawings at the top of the post to show the similarities.
All the Characters

Fagin, Mrs Gamp and Scrooge (Left to Right)

Miss Havisham, Oliver and Uriah Heep (Left to Right)

As the buildings will need to be rigged, I drew out a rough rig skeleton for each skeleton. I feel that this will be helpful as it will allow me to know where I can create joints in the building. Obviously, the buildings shouldn't have a human skeleton rig, but this is a nice way for me to know where movements in the buildings would be.

 Rig (Outside)
Rig (Inside)

I think I have done enough for some of the characters so that I can start to try and create the buildings. Some of them, I imagine, will be easier than others, as some of the exercises that I've done have given me little ideas behind the design.

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