Friday, 3 October 2014

Cities & Memory 1 - Diomira

Here are my first 16 thumbnails for Diomira. For these, I tried to avoid continuously drawing squares and rectangles as buildings, although this time I think I went a bit over board with the "Sixty silver domes". However, I do think that each thumbnail has a different idea/setting behind them, even though some may look a little similar. I'm happy that my photoshop skills are starting to improve, although still got some way to go.


  1. I was drawn to the colour of these right away, Dan - nice to see an end to those ranks of tower blocks though - still reckon you could/should use more variety in terms of brushes and let pure mark-making give you some structures and components...

  2. Really like 3 and 15! agree with Phil the colour literally caught my eye from a mile off. Maybe try some more abstract stuff just as an experiment?
    Look forward to seeing more.