Thursday, 7 April 2016

Adaptation B: Left, Right & Back of the Building

As I will be making a turnaround of the building, I have drawn the right, left and back of the building. I have tried to keep them all to scale so that it will be an easier task when I create the orthographs, that I can work from in Maya. There is still some tweeking needed in this regard. I'm quite happy with these, although I do think the side views are a bit too upright and could be a bit more crooked, so that I can match Scrooge's arched back, but this is something that is shown in the front view. I have tried to keep the same style, which I think I have done, and so each side looks similar to the front.


  1. Dan

    I checked today and you're milliput hasn't dired which means you didn't mix it correctly or used only half the mix. See me and i'll give you some more to fix it.

  2. These drawings are looking much better. I like the detailing. Has Maya modelling started yet? Will the drawings be coloured?