Monday, 12 September 2016

Minor Project: New Story Idea

Although I have already come up with a few, I have still tried to come up with more ideas for this project, which will allow me to make an animation in the comedy genre. Yesterday, I watched Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974) with my Mum and Dad, and by watching it, it gave me my new idea.

The quality of character and environment designs in Hammer Horror films, and B-Movies, is clear, so this is something that I'd put into my designs. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell is the first Hammer Horror film that, I think, I have watched in it's entirety, and so it was a very new experience for me. Some scenes, shots and lines of dialogue in the film were very comical, even when they weren't necessarily meant to be. By taking the well known tropes of these types of film, and taking them a step further, I am confident that I can make something that is both entertaining and funny to watch, even for people of my age.

My intial thought with this idea is to create a Monster/Creature, that roams around an empty environment - a castle, for example. By using visual clues and objects in the animation, I would make it clear that this creature would have been made/created, and has either killed or escaped from it's creators.  As the creature will be the only character, his loneliness will be clear and so he/she will be very bored.

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