Friday, 30 September 2016

Minor Project: Tutorial Feedback

In today's tutorial with Alan, he suggested that I should move away from my silent horror comedy idea, and should instead listen to some sound clips from various films, and then try to think of funny/unusual sitatuations where they scene from the clip could be - this is something what year 2 are doing as well. There are 30 short sound clips altogether, some that I know what film it's from, some I recognise but can't quite think what film it is and some that I've not heard before. I think it will be more of a challenge to think of funny scenes for the clips that I do know because I have a clear understanding of it, where as with one that I don't know, I have no idea what is happening or what genre the film is.

After listening through all 30 of them, I have, currently, narrowed it down to 10, which are the ones that I think have the most potential. Alan also said that I could try to find some other clips, which I have, so I'm going to continue listening to those clips and will try to find the best, and funniest, 3.

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