Thursday, 1 September 2016

Minor Project: Idea Re-think

In the previous post, I said that I thought that the cooking show was the best idea, but after a few days of thinking about it, I now think that the getting ready for a date, or job interview, would be the best idea. With the cooking show idea, I feel like it would be difficult to keep it going and it wouldn't have a consistent standard of humor, and would be relaint on the same type of joke. The getting ready for a date idea, however, has more potential in it's comedy. By playing to the cliches of how a man gets ready, and then "exaggerating" them, would be a fun thing to watch. I've been going through a rough idea in my head about how it would work:
  • Man playing video games. His phone vibrates.
  • He looks at the phone and reads a new message by his date. 
  • He looks confused. He looks at the calendar and remembers, that the date is in 10 minutes.
  • He rushes up off the sofa and heads to the bathroom.
  • He goes for a quick wash in the shower.
  • Gets out of the shower, and slides in front of the mirror, and starts checking himself out.
  • He brushes his teeth, quickly and violently, so much so that the brush gets stuck up his nose.
  • He tries to find the right hair style, and when he does, he gives a wink to the camera.
  • He runs to the wardrobe and opens it. 
  • While looking at the mirror in the wardrobe, he goes through a range of outfits.
  • He then sprays some deodrant on himself, and puts a bit of after shave on.
  • He leaves his appartment and we see that his trousers are ripped.
  • The camera then focuses on his phone, which he forgot. The phone vibrates and another message from his date appears which then tells us that he got the date wrong.
That's a quick run through of how I imagine it working. As it is an animation, I can make impossible/unrealistic things happen which will add to the humor, so I think there is definitely potential with this idea.  Some of this will be hard to do, especially the changing outfits scene, but I really want to test myself this year and get much better grades.

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