Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minor/Major Project: Influence Map

Although this influence map doesn't show much of a range of influences, it shows what my current idea is, which is to create a silent horror comedy over the year. I have been researching silent comedy and horror comedy quite a bit over the past couple of days trying to think of how the final animation would play out. As I said in the project proposal post, for the minor project, that will mainly consist of designing and modelling the monster character. Frankenstein is an obvious influence for this idea -  Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell is a film that has the known story in place, but has a completely different design to the original monster design from the 1931 film. This will allow me to make the design unique, but will still be familiar to audiences due to it's origin.

Young Frankenstein is one of many examples that demonstrate the potential in this idea, I think. The challenge will therefore spawn from the decision to make a silent film, and so I will need to use visual/slapstick humour in order to get the laughs. When trying to think of the style of the animation, I remembered that there are these figures called Vinyl Idolz, that have a fun cartoon design to them, similar to the style that I was going for in the From Script to screen project in year 1.

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