Monday, 6 October 2014

Cities & Desire 3 - Despina

These are my first 16 thumbnails for Despina, and the block buildings have made a return. It is clear that I need to come up with more unique ways to create a city instead of continuously using the rectangular skyscrapers. Apart from that, I think the ideas are fairly good, although some are just different versions of each other.  I, personally, like number 4 because it doesn't show the actual cit, but instead focuses on the other details from the anthology.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dan - I think part of your issue is that you're confusing 'drawing' with 'imagining' cities - if you made more expansive use of brush types/sizes etc. you'd begin to create a wider vocabulary of shapes/structures/components. I think you're creating samey thumbnails because you're working them up in the 'same' way. How about banning your existing set of methods and using tools you're less familiar with and working in a more speculative way? You need a different process/method if you want different results.