Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Exterior Establishing Shot Thumbnails - Despina

These are my 7 thumbnails that I did that are based on number 4, that I did on Photoshop in black and white. I really like the idea behind this one as the ship is the main focus of attention, but it still has the desert in the background. As you can see fro, these thumbnails, I have included the city in them. The city is either quite close to the ship or is quite far away. I think the overall composition of these look great. I also tried out a few tools I haven't really used for my thumbnails. In 4 and 5, I used the lasso tool, and coloured into them. I still need to practise with the lasso tool, which is why I haven't really used it, but having said that, I think the thumbnails look quite good as they are well layed out and the colours used are suitable. My favourite is number 1. It's my favourite because I like how the ship looks like it's only just fully come into view, and the light from the sky is in the middle of the ship and the city, and it shines onto the sea, which I think can look very good with more work.

I am still coming to grips with the tools of Photoshop on my computer, which is why the colouring is a bit weird in places.

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