Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mission Statement - Chosen city - Despina

I have decided to continue working with the idea of Despina as I find the concept of it being both accessable by desert and sea fascinating, and from a personal view, I quite enjoy drawing boats and ships, and cities that are surrounded by water. I believe that Despina will give me the chance to show off the best of my drawing skills. I really liked doing the thumbnails for Despina too, because although some may look similar, there was a lot of information to take from the extract. I will now continue developing my ideas and will look at cities of inspiration. I hope the end results will be a step up from my current work, as I'm not particularly proud of it.


  1. just a quick observation, Dan - you have a tendency to put a rather negative, downbeat spin on your posts - the truth is no one wants another person's negativity - it's not quite the same as honesty - though I know you're being honest - it reads more like *gloom*... just think about the message you want to project about yourself - dial it up :)

  2. I like 20 and 22 from the sketchbook page, I can see you moving them forward!