Monday, 26 October 2015

Character: Influence Map - New game idea

Following on from my last post, this is a game idea that I have thought of. It is a post apocalyptic computer game, where the world has been destroyed by global warming. It is set in one of the World's major cities (Undecided which one), and city is split into several territories, which are all run by different leaders. Each territory has their own style of living, clothing and working. You play as a character, who can belong to any one of the territories depending on your choice. Your job is to go out into the World and help your territory survive the harsh conditions i.e. Storms - which can damage your territories' camps. In the World, you will face many creatures, like Wolves and Yetis, as well as facing the other territories.

The influence map above shows some pictures that I found that look similar to how I imagine the World will look, and the Fallout Shelter image is there because it gave me the most inspiration.

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