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Plot Structure: Film Review - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Fig.1 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Movie Poster

George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is a master piece in an age where Hollywood is receiving constant criticism for it's lack of fresh film ideas. This reboot/sequel may not have the most complex story, but it is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating films that you are ever likely to watch. Through Miller's incredible use of shots, and primary use of practical effects, it will keep your blood pumping throughout. 

Act 1 -Beginning:

The film takes no time to get right into the action. After a brief piece of dialogue from our main protagonist of Max Rockatansky (Played by Tom Hardy), we find the hero trying to escape the clutches of the Wasteland's inhabitants. Just from the very early scenes of the film, we get a clear understanding of the world and how it is run. It is clear that Max is broken by past, and so makes him vulnerable - This makes his capture inevitable. At this point, he is held prisoner by War Boys (Or Half-Lives) and their leader - Immortan Joe.

Fig.2 Opening shot

Act 2 - Middle:

The film then switches it's attention to who some would consider as the main character, despite the film title, in Imperator Furiosa (Played by Charlize Theron). It would appear that she is under Immortan Joe's command, as she must drive the war rig to Gas Town. However, on this journey, she diverts the Rig and the War Boys' cars. It is clear that she is not under Joe's control and has her own agenda. When Joe and the Citadel realise this, they get in their incredible cars. Each and every vehicle is designed so imaginatively. They are so unique and that is one of the many aspects that make both this film and franchise so remarkable. This marks the beginning of the main "chase" of the film. 

We then learn that Max is being used as a blood source as one of the War Boys, and so must be attached to the front of the car during the chase after Furiosa and the War Rig. In this sequence, we as an audience are treated to stop mayhem. With an amount of explosions that Michael Bay would be proud of, it takes nothing away from the brilliance in every shot and detail. Every individual frame of these scenes are a piece of art in their own right. It is such a pulse raising thing to watch. The soundtrack gets louder, the cars gets faster and more aggressive, and yet you dare not miss a moment of it. Perhaps the most exciting moments is when they're driving through a storm, that manages to grab the cars with ease and toss them through the air, while Max is trying to set himself free and stay alive. It is scenes like this that make the film so memorable and have such a lasting impact. 

Fig.3 Immortan Joe's Wives

When the storm settles, Max recovers and is forced to carry himself and the War Boy that he is supplying blood for - Nux (Played by Nicholas Hoult) to the War Rig, that has stopped in the distance. He intends to confront Furiosa and be free of Nux, although his plans appear to change when he finds a group of women using water and trying to get out of chains themselves. Furiosa is forced to set Max free due to him holding a gun to them. When she discovers Max also wants to take the War Rig, she is forced to stop him. When Nux awakes after being concussed from the storm, he assists Max, and helps him take the War Rig. Unfortunately for him, Furiosa has managed to create a sequence that must be triggered to drive it, and only she knows it, therefore forcing Max to allow Furiosa and the women into the Rig. Furiosa explains to Max that the women are Immortan Joe's Wives, and she is freeing from his clutches and is taking them to "The Green Place" where they can live in complete freedom. Max learns to understand their goal, despite his concerns of the Green place's existence. 

The pair continue to drive the Rig away from Immortan Joe and his followers in search of the Green Place and the Vuvalini of Many Mothers, who can help them. As the film progresses, they get more and more attention from the gangs that live in the Wasteland, which results in them trying to escape from the Warlords. In another equally as breathtaking scene of destruction of madness, one of the wives dies - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's character called "Splendid". Sadly, she was heavily pregnant, consequently meaning the death of both her child and Immortan Joe's. This makes him even more aggressive, even more so when he discovers that it was a boy. It is apparent that Max and Furiosa must reach their destination. They continue to face many obstacles and challenges, but manage to overcome them all with little consequence. Furiosa stops the Rig in a place that appears familiar. They see a woman calling for help in the distance. Max believes that it's a trap, but this doesn't stop her from approaching the woman. As several motorbikes drive towards her, we find out that it's the Many Mothers. Furiosa is delighted. She knows the Green Place is near and they can help them find it. Her emotions change completely when they explain that they must have already past it - and they did. Furiosa is left heart broken, as it would seem they can not attain freedom.

Furiosa and the wives decide to go with Mothers on the motorbikes and to travel the Wasteland, leaving Max to live his life. Max is still haunted by his past and so has a change of heart. He drives after them, and tells them the best course of action would be to return to the Citadel. He explains that there's plenty of Water, greenery and is in no one's control due to Immortan Joe and the War Lords chasing after them. They agree to his plan, and so get back in the war rig and head towards the Citadel. One of the war boys spots them driving back, and so informs Joe of this, resulting in one more brilliant chase. This sequence appears to be a much harder task for them, due to the increased numbers of people following them. They manage to capture one of the wives and so are left having to save her, as well as trying to return to the Citadel first. Furiosa manages to throw herself onto Joe's car and defeats him in a brilliantly grotesque manner, however this comes at a cost as she get severely injured and is close to death. Nux, who is now driving war rig, sacrifices himself in order to save them. In doing so, he kills the warlords and the half-lives.  

Fig. 4 Furiosa (Played by Charlize Theron) and Max (Played by Tom Hardy)

Act 3 - End:

Max is left to try and save Furiosa from death, and uses his own blood to save her. They return to the Citadel, but the remainder of the injured War boys and young half-lives are left scratching their heads, as Max stops the car that previously belonged to Joe, he climbs on the bonnet and shows them Joe's body. The inhabitants of the Citadel rejoice as the leader who left them in the dirt is now gone and they can live a better life. Furiosa recovers and is shown helping people into the higher, and better areas, of the Citadel. The camera then cuts to Max walking through a crowd a people, therefore meaning that he intends to continue to roam the Wasteland alone.

Due to this ending it is left fairly open. Where will he go? What does he intend to do? Will we see Furiosa on screen again? Why didn't he stay with them? Does he wants to put his past behind him?

In conclusion, Mad Max: Fury Road demonstrates the effectiveness of practical effects and mainly female cast. This film passes the Bechdel test and acts as a pioneer for many upcoming action films. It highlights the strength and connection between a group of female characters, who do not need a man to survive.  At a run time of 2 hours, the film gets straight to the action and closes it quickly too. Act 2 dominates the length of this film, but due to it's sheer brilliance it quite rightly should do.

Apologies for any spoilers.

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