Monday, 26 October 2015

Character: Last week's talk with Justin

In last week's Character session, I spoke to Justin about my initial game ideas. Although he said they were quite interesting and use all the cards/components, they were very generic and obvious ideas. He suggested looking at games such as "Rampage", "Flick 'em Up!" and "Colt Express", and how my game could involve building cities and getting resources from them or for them.

Fig. 1 Rampage

Fig. 2 Flick 'em Up!

Fig. 3 Colt Express

I then asked if a possible game idea would a board game version of "Fallout Shelter", and he thought that was quite an interesting idea and a way to include the "Air" component is through controlling the heating/conditions of the game. Following on from that he said that it could be set in a Dystopian/Crazy world, similar to that in the "Mad Max" films/games, and how Global warming could play a part.

 Fig. 4 Fallout Shelter

It's probably quite obvious from my lack of posts in relation to this project, that I've hit a bit of a wall, but, due to my talk with Justin, I now have some more, and better, ideas.  

Illustration List:
Fig. 1 Rampage - (Accessed 26/10/2015) 

Fig. 2 Flick 'em Up! - (Accessed 26/10/2015) 

Fig. 3 Colt Express - (Accessed 26/10/2015) 

 Fig. 4 Fallout Shelter - (Accessed 26/10/2015) 

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