Monday, 18 January 2016

Adaptation A: A Beginner's Guide to Failure - "Tips/Guidlines" Ideas

Although I have already listed some of ideas for the info-graphic before, but below I have listed the ones that I think would work quite well. I have tried to think of as many as possible, so that I can narrow them down to the best ones later on:
  • Don't have a Plan B
  • Keep doing the same thing.
  • If at first you don't succeed, give up.
  • Be/Appear sloppy.
  • Don't search for assistance.
  • Don't respond/listen to feedback.
  • Become a Procrastination addict.
  • Show little respect to others/co-workers.
  • Don't try too hard - It will just cause stress.
  • Try to think of as many excuses as possible.
  • Don't interact with others - Stick to yourself.
  • Never plan anything.
  • Don't push for higher positions i.e. a promotion or higher grade.
  • Don't attend things if you don't think they're necessary.
  • Make the other members of your group do all the work, and try to take credit for some of it.
  • Don't take responsibility for things.
As I imagine the jokes being quite fast and to the point, I imagine that I'll need roughly 8-10 steps.

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