Friday, 15 January 2016

@Alan - Adaptation B: Tutorial Feedback + New Idea

In today's tutorial, Alan highlighted that my initial ideas for the adaptation animation were too basic and didn't go deep enough into the points that they were trying to tell, which is something I thought myself. Through some examples of other students' work on this project, I have tried to think of other things that can be adapted. On my way home on the bus, as it went past the Rochester high street, I thought about the idea of making an animation that shows the buildings of a high street interacting with each other.

My thought was that the camera could show a row of different shops, where the buildings are made to look like a face. Depending on the shop, the appearance and personality will differ. For Example:
  • Ye Olde Sweet Shop: Old, Victorian time period style design. - Like an old Woman. Polite, confused.
  • Waterstones: Neat, Classic design.  - Well spoken/Mannered, Polite, Clever. Arrogant.
  •  Primark: Modern, slightly run down. Not very intelligent. Agrees with everyone else.
  • Games Workshop: Modern. Nerdy. Nasal sounding voice. Quite intelligent.
  • Woolworths - Shut down. Flowers laid outside it. Windows smashed.
  • Costa Coffee - Polite. Quite smart. Friendly.
These are just some examples I thought of. This idea could lead to quite a funny animation as some of the shops are completely different to one another and could create some kind of conflict. To avoid, having people walking past/into these shops, the animation could be set before they open, and they have just woken up.

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