Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptation B: Initial Ideas

Since finding out about the Adaptation project last year, I have been trying to think of as many ideas as possible. Most of the ideas that I thought of have already been adapted several times and so it wouldn't be a good idea to adapt them again. From this, however, I have tried to think of alternative ways as to how a book, for example, can be adapted into an animation. These are the ideas that I thought had the most potential:

  • Dorian Grey - Modern Version - Instead of a panting aging, it could be set in the present day and so his Facebook profile picture could be the image that ages, while he does not.
  • The Time Machine - He visits the modern world and realises we're all doomed. This would act as a critique of the modern world, as he questions the lack of human evolution since the late 19th Century.
  •  Life on Mars? - Based on the song by David Bowie. Not a music video, but an animation based on the lyrics.
  • Pacman  -  An animation showing a character running througha maze, so he can reach the middle (Where he can escape). While these Ghosts are looking for him. In a horror style, at ground level.

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