Thursday, 4 February 2016

Adaptation A: A Beginner's Guide to Failure - Final Submission

A Beginner's Guide to Failure - Info-Graphic

I decided not to include music in the end, as when I did include one, it was very confusing on the ears. When certain sound effects took place and while the Narrator was speaking, it was quite strange and makes more sense without it.


  1. great!! the art of so so so suits the infographic too : D

    1. Thank you Eva! :D I'm glad you like it. I'm quite pleased with the art of, myself. :)

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  3. First of all Dan, well done this is a much improved submission compared to your last two projects. It’s certainly the most consistent and complete project you’ve produced so far. For example, the infographic has a clear direction, a clear tone (‘childlike meets dark’), and a strong sense of style. It also demonstrates a clear pipeline from beginning to end. In many respects having David Shrigley’s work as a blueprint gave you a ‘packaged method’ but with that said you have observed it well. My guess is that you enjoyed the ‘non-3D’ aspect of this project, it certainly appears that way. Part B will mean a return to 3D work (something you’ve avoided in previous projects). It would be a shame to see a dip in your work again because of this. Try not to let that happen, design your work and then move into 3D as soon as possible. Keep on improving.

    In terms of improvements to your infographic, I’d argue that some of your scenes are perhaps a little too ‘under-animated’. Yes this is part if the David Shrigley / Don Hertzveld style (and animation tradition) but in some of your scenes your voice over is doing too much work – The scenes where he’s standing for long periods for example. This is even more evident where the static is proceeded by or follows more specific character animation, such as your character rocking on the chair or wiping things off the desk. These are all nice animation flourishes other scenes would have benefitted from too.