Thursday, 25 February 2016

Adaptation B: Character Sketches (Human Form)

As I have metnioned in the previous post, Alan said that I should draw out the chracters in human form first so that I can use them to get a better understanding about the pose and appearnace of the building. By looking into the 6 characters I have drawn these skecthes, as you can see below. I wanted them to have quite a clear pose and one which suits their character. Some of them were easier to figure out what pose it would be, like Oliver Twist (Asking for me) and then it was a challenge trying to draw them in an interesting and understandable way - drawing Oliver was especially difficlt as it was unclear what he was doing when I tried to draw him from the front.

I do quite like these, of course some more than others, but I think there's a clear style there as I'm trying to maintain the style of my initial sketches whilst looking at existing illustartions from Dickens's stories. I think this has shown me that there is a good range of appearance in there and so that will make it easier to understand when watching the animation.

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