Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Adaptation A: Scene 3

Like the other 2 scenes, this scene feels a bit simple and there isn't much going on. I think the dialogue is a bit too long, so I'm having to drag out sections to make it fit. I have cut out a line from the script, when he's playing the game as that shot of him went on for too long. Although I think it's still a bit too long, it's a bit better.


  1. I understand that, having had to watch this scene quite a few times as you worked on it, you may begin to feel like it goes on for a long time, but actually - as a first-time viewer - it looks fairly nice as it is :) And the animation for the TV scene is pretty comical too!

    1. I was hoping that, that might cause me to think that it drags, so I'm glad that you think it's ok upon first viewing. Thank you Julien! :)