Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Minor Project: Character Design planning

After my dissertation meeting with Phil yesterday, I asked about my minor project and my new idea. One of the problems that I mentioned was that "as I'll be doing 3, or so, completely different scenes with completely different characters, how will I be able to do this?" A possible way to get round the character problem is by having a character design, that can easily be made into other characters: for example, the lego characters are the same in shape, but each design/paint work is different.

I went back and looked at my info-graphic work and the work of David Shrigley, as that is something that I felt confident doing and was able to create a good, little character. As this is 3D, however, the challenge with having my info-graphic character and Shrigley's work as influences is that they are 2D, and so may not translate quite as well. I've gone through many quick drawings over the past couple of days and have designed these characters.

As you can see, they are all mainly the same - hair style being the main difference. This page shows that it is possible to have one character design, that is then made into several characters. I like these drawings, although as I'm also considering doing the 2D facial rig on a 3D character, I'm not too sure how that'd look.

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  1. I think a 2D facial rig on a 3D character would suit your purposes very well.