Thursday, 27 November 2014

CG Artist Toolkit: Final Zeotrope

Final Idea

I decided to continue with the "Breaking Bad" Zeotrope idea. I felt that the "Breaking Bad" and "Batman" zeotrope ideas were the best, but I couldn't quite work out how I'd be able to do the Bat-signal, so I opted for this idea.

I created this by drawing an RV on Photoshop. I drew it by continuously looking at images of the RV on google, and was trying to get as much detail in as possible, but was trying to still get the cartoony look that I wanted. I then printed out about 30 of them, just in case some printed badly or broke. I then cut each of them out and stuck them down, once I finished the background.

RV I made on Photoshop

I made the background by drawing similar hills that I did in my own Breaking Bad drawing, and used water colour paints to give them a wash like effect as I wanted the background to look a little blurry and not have any clear detail to them. The background has a cartoony feel to it with it's bright colours and lack of tone/detail, especially in the sky as it's just the same shade of blue.

My own Breaking Bad drawing

As I had finished this 2 weeks ago, I was able to test it last Friday, for the first time, which was a bit of a risky move as it might have looked awful. Fortunately the fast sped of the RV and background movement actually looks quite good and with the main characters in Breaking Bad being criminals, it looks like the speeding away from something and so the fast speed of the animation makes sense, even though I didn't create the background correctly.

This isn't a very festive idea, but as I am a fan of Breaking Bad, I felt it would get me more excited about making the zeotrope.

Apologies for the poor picture quality.

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  1. Love how the RV is a separate drawing so you can move it freely!