Thursday, 27 November 2014

CG Artist Toolkit: Zeotrope Planning

Here my original ideas that I thought of for my zeotrope:

My thinking behind this one was that the footballer was volley the ball, it would hit the bar, go over the goal and it would fall to the player like how it did originally. Although I think it would work as animation, it would be quite difficult to animate the player's body movements and for there to still be enough frames for the rest of the animation. Also, it wouldn't make sense in the real world, unless it's a very long pitch that they're on.

The idea behind this one was that the UFO would drop the person off, fly away, then come back and pick him back up again. Like the first one. I think it would have worked quite well, but I felt it needed a bit more to it and was quite simple.

My final two ideas are the same with regards as to how they'd look. The car would be in every frame and the background would be the thing that would change.

The one above is based on Breaking Bad, as it has the signature RV and have the desert landscape of Albuquerque in the background. I think that as the RV is the main thing in the animation, it would have to be more detailed than the background, which the drawing shows. The background would need to be framed correctly, otherwise it may go too fast.

The one below is based on Batman, with the Bat-mobile, the skyscrapers in the background and the bat signal. The Bat signal is the only real difference between these two ideas, and  it would make it a lot harder to create as it would need to move around slightly in the air.

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