Monday, 24 November 2014

What If? Metropolis: Bridgtet Riley City Lighting tests

I wanted to put together a quick little city inspired by my 85th thumbnail. I chose this thumbnail because I like it's simplicity, but it also has an interesting Riley-esc style to it through the building design and floor. I uploaded this as a scribd document because of the amount of pictures. I based the buildings in the city on my travelogue as it has the lighthouse and theatre that I described. These buildings are obviously the most detailed as all the other buildings are just simple polygon primitives that I played with slightly. I wanted the lighthouse to be the main supplier of light for this city as I want the city to be quite dark and mysterious, and so a good way to show that, I think, is through a lack of light, which is also why there isn't any colour. I did however add light to the theatre to make it look like something is happening inside the building. By the end, you can see I also started playing with the render regions and this gave me some interesting results. By doing that, the light looks very linear, and it also matches the style of some of Riley's work where certain shapes fade into the darkness.

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