Sunday, 15 November 2015

Character: Game Outline

For this project, the three cards that I picked at random were Air, Resources and Urban. After speaking with Justin on several occasions, I have reached a final game idea that I will design:

Set in the post apocalyptic future of Earth, the World has been destroyed as a result of global warming. The year is 2237, but the design of the World's architecture demonstrates that it has been the same for 2 centuries. The city of London has been divided into 3 territories: Scavengers, Retinue and The Cabal. Depending on your choice, as the player of the game, you can choose which territory you wish to belong to. Based on your decision, this will decide on what your character looks like, what clothes he/she wears and how they act. Once your choice has been made, you can create your own characters, with certain limits so you match your territories style of life. Once you step into this world, your job is to help your people by improving the living conditions, so that the people can survive the World's harsh conditions (Snow, Wind storms etc.). You will have other goals in the game, such as completing tasks for other members of your territory, exploring the world for more resources that will improve the way of life for the people, and will also encounter other territories, which may or may not be against you. In your travels, you will face many creatures, such as yetis and wolves. These creatures don't discriminate and will kill you. However, due to certain mission requirements you must go into their areas in order to save members of your community. This will improve your reputation, which will in turn make you a key member of your territory.

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