Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character: Wolves - Silhouettes

Below are six silhouettes of wolves that I have done, which will, like the Yetis, be a source of danger in the game. I have tried to get some of the main poses that we would expect wolves to do, which is why there are only 6. They are all quite accurate and so I am very pleased with these.

Set of Silhouettes #1

Set of Silhouettes #2

All 6 silhouettes


  1. The first set of silhouettes work well - the one howling on the rock however its heads a bit weird and its snout is to rounded at the top. You got it better in the second set bottom right. Other than that the proportions look excellent. :)

  2. I did think that one looked a bit odd as well, to be honest. Thanks Julia. :)