Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Character Session: 24/11/2015

In our final character session, we were put into groups of three and we had to design characters and environment for this game, which I can't yet remember the name of - I was in a group with Charlie and Vlad, and we decided on which characters and environment we would each design through picking numbers, and so I had to design LX-Er, Dr Kromar' Zun and The Fallen Angel.

They each had their own description and so we had to design them based off our interpretations. For the the Fallen Angel ship (Exterior), I want to make it quite simple, with regards to the shape, but have a complicated look through the amount of things attached to it. The reason behind this is that the description said that the ship had a sleek design, but had been heavily modified. The description also mentioned but it had been damaged as a result of some of the weaponry being removed/stolen. I tried to show this by cracks and splits in the metal of the ship, and with planks covering them. I also had to design the floor plan, i.e. how the rooms are organised. I kept this quite simple and straight forward as I thought it would be best to avoid obscurity. I then designed a treatment room for one of the characters that I had to design. I'm rather quite pleased with these designs as they are all quite well detailed and work reasonably well with the descriptions that I was given.

The two characters that I had to design were LX -ER, which is a medic drone, and Dr Kromar Zun, which is an evil, Venusian doctor and diplomat that experiments on people. For LX - ER, I wanted him to look very equipped by having pockets with medical supplies in. I also added the first aid symbol to further highlight his role. Later on in the session, Justin mention that the character needed to be able to fly. At this stage, I had already finished the design, so I ended up just adding robotic wings, but they appear in the design as a jet pack. When designing Dr Kromar' Zun, I wanted to show his evil side by basing his face on the Devil. I then designed the rest of him based on his role as a Dr and that he experiments on people. I think LX - ER is a more successful design than Dr Kromar' Zun as it matches the description to higher degree, where as the Dr Kromar' Zun design misses out on some details like being Venusian.

The Fallen Angel Ship 

The Fallen Angel - Floor Plan

LX - ER Treatment Room


Dr Kromar'Zun

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