Thursday, 19 November 2015

Character: Initial Design Idea - Retinue

I have made this design of a character from the Retinue territory and it shows my initial thought behind how they'll look. I have also made an emblem for this territory as they will all their own. 

Retinue Definition: a group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person.

From the defintion, I have designed a character that resembles a Knight, the obvious reason being is that the character serves a person of importance, like a King or Queen. When designing the emblem, I looked at emblem meanings and so found the meanings of the 3 different icons in the emblem that I designed:

Key: The key is a symbol of knowledge, guardianship and dominiontwo key cross is the symbol of St. Peter, the key to the gates of heaven.

Sword: The sword is the symbol of the military honorIt is also a symbol of power and freedom. The sword (especially with flameis also a symbol of purification.

Tower: The tower is very much like a castle,  it is a emblem of grandeur and of society.It is also a symbol of the defense and an individual fortitude.

I felt that these definitions suited the territory well and so when designing my character I tried to make it suit those meanings and colours. Overall, I think it's quite a good starting point, but there are some things that need fixing, like the colours, the face and the clothing.

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