Thursday, 27 October 2016

Minor/Major Project: All 3 Characters

I have taken each character concept and have drawn them in this image, with the tall and short characters both having different heads. I will change the average character's head once I have come up with a better design, as this one looks a little too young - a teenager, rather than an adult.

When drawing this there were a few little problems with these designs: Firstly, the short character's arms are too long. It was quite difficult to get the arms right in the pose that he is in, and so I had to settle with the best that I could do. Secondly, when drawing the hand on the tall character's shoulder, it sisn't look right a few times due to the number of fingers. They original had 4 fingers and one thumb, but I had to chop off a finger as it looked better, and more cartoony, with just 3.

I'm going to draw another picture with these characters, which will give a better idea of their height difference, as well as trying to fix some of the problems that I mentioned.

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