Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Minor/Major Project: Clip Ideas

Following on from the feedback that I got from Alan in the last tutorial, which cleared up some confusion, I have come up with a few more ideas. Some of the ideas are for the clips that I picked in the last post, and some are from the clip ideas that I came up with a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, some of them have one detailed idea, which I have thought about thoroughly and have a good idea of what the animation would be, and the others have a few quick possible ideas of what I have come up with. I think the issue with some of these ideas is that they are too close to what the audience would expect from the clip and are not obscure enough in where they are set/how they are played out.

Also in the last tutorial with Alan, we discussed the possibility of having 3 main characters, who can easily be other characters - even going so far as to having a male character play a Woman - similarly to Monty Python, where the main actors can play several characters in one film. This idea is something that I have considered when coming up with these ideas.

Clip #1
 "And there are people who say that you're involved.
That you might be responsible. That you're a very dangerous man"

Story Ideas
  • Interrogation Scene, with a toy being the thing that's being interrogated.
  • Similar to the previous idea, but having a zoo-keeper talking to an animal at a Zoo.
  • A trashman who likes to talk to the rubbish that he picks up off the floor.

Clip #2
 "Wait a minute, you're wearing black! That's my colour. I'm the Bad Guy!"
"But you're not wearing black, that's dark blue."
"It is not!"
"It is so. It's navy"

Story Ideas
  • A married couple getting dressed
  • Getting ready for a stage performance that leads to a fight.
  • With the dialogue being slightly different, it's two decorators arguing over the colour of the paint, and they get other people's opinions involved.

Clip #3
"He said he was going to do it, and he's doing it now.
The most stupendous, the most incredible crime of the Century."

Story Idea

A man is saying the quote from the clip to another character, who has just asked him about his worried expression on his face - the camera slowly zooms in on his face, while he is saying the quote. Once he has said it, it cuts to someone doing the something very minor and not at all illegal, like walking on the grass, where there is a keep off the grass sign. (This is just an example of a minor crime, and will be thought about more).

Clip #4
 "What do you want from me?"
"What do I want? I want to play a game?"

Story Idea
A man and a woman are in bed, and the man starts trying to wake up her, like a child on Christmas day. The woman annoyingly wakes up and asks what he wants. The man replies saying he wants to play a game. The woman is confused. The man then pulls a Spider-Man mask over his face and then grabs two cans of web spray cans from under the duvet.

Clip #5
"I had a friend. I was with him yesterday, but we got seperated.
Have you seen him?"
"Marshal, you have no friends."

Story Idea
  • A man talking to his therapist.
  • A boy/girl talking to their teacher.

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