Monday, 24 October 2016

Minor/Major Project: Tall & Thin Character Concept

For the animation, I want 3 different characters, who are all different in terms of shape and size, as well as personality. I have started by designing this tall and thin character and some additional heads that I came up with for this character.

My thought progress behind this character's personality is that due to his height and being skinny, is that he is somewhat out of control with the way his body moves, and so his arms and legs can be quite elastic, and would fling around all over the place. I have watched many Monty Python sketches recently, for this project of course, and have based this character on John Cleese. One such sketch that sticks out features "the Ministry of Silly walks." In this sketch, John Cleese's legs are so flimsy and elastic in their movement, and this is something that can look very funny in an animation.

I'm quite happy with the body shape, although the pose isn't quite how it should be. Out of the 7 faces, my favourites are 2,3 and 6. I think that's possibly due to the fact that they have a bit more character, where as the others are a bit more generic.

For the other two characters, I am trying to design a short and fat character (the opposite to the tall and thin character) and a basic mid-height/mid-build character.

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