Friday, 28 October 2016

Minor/Major Project: Tutorial Feedback

In today's tutorial with Alan, we talked about the character designs and the clip ideas that I had come up with. With the character designs, we agreed that the tall and thin character design works well, where as the other two characters need a bit more work. It was clear that the tall and thin character had a bit more thought put behind it and had a clear choice of influences - John Cleese being the main example. The other two characters are a bit more random in that regard and so they need to be designed based on a certain personality/character.

Short & Fat Character

This character will be quite shy and nervous, and so will be very awkward when he's on screen. This will also mean that he's a bit clueless and is easily confused. Kent "Flounder" Dorfman from National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) and Fatbot from Futurama are too existing examples of characters who suit the design idea and the personality described. Both have a child-like innocence to them as well and so they would often say the obvious.

Average Character 

Where as the tall and thin character is quite stern and proud of himself, the average character is a bit of a push over. Although, he is more confident than the short and fat character, he still struggles to take control in certain situations. This character, however, does like to have fun and so does try to play the Joker in the group. Lee Evans and Michael Palin are too examples who suit the design, and are both capable of bringing the laughs.

In the tutorial we also discussed what my aim for the interim crit is, and that is to:
  • Get the Character designs completed.
  • Finalise the story/clip ideas.
  • Create an animatic for one of those clips.
With the progress that I am making, I am confident that all of this is achievable and so the interim crit should go to plan. I have looked at the feedback on the clip ideas and so will try to sort those out as soon as possible, while getting the two character designs better suited to their influences and personalities.

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