Thursday, 13 October 2016

Minor/Major Project: Idea Progression

In last Friday's tutorial with Alan, I learned that I somewhat misunderstood the idea of using the sound clips. Instead of having a series of short animations, that are all in different locations with different locations, it is about having the same characters in the same World/environment - like old people at an old people's home. I have gone back and listened to all the sound clips again, so now I am thinking about what genre(s) would suit each clip, and then I'd try to think about how it could take place in an old people's home, for example.

I designed these three characters relatively quickly, and I tried to make them have different personalities, so that when it comes to intergrating the sound clips it can suit a certain character - or be for the wrong character (the grumpy one having a fun, high pitched voice, for instance). Of course, these are just initial designs, so once I have figured out what clips I'll be using, I can design suitable characters.

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