Friday, 13 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Life Cycle thumbnails/ Cell Designs #1

Below are my first set of thumbnails for the cells in the slime mold's life cycle. I looked closely at the influence map I created and so I want to bring the intended style into the same world as the forest and boy scout. 

I created these thumbnails by drawing them out on paper with a pencil before going over them in pen. I then took a photograph of the pages and edited the images on photoshop to really bring out the lines of the pen and remove the shadows/colour of the page. I then added colour to them in a similar way to the images in the influence map.

I am very happy with these as not only do they match the intended designs, but they have my own pen drawing style in them. Getting my line drawing style, that I often use in my life drawings, is something I want to bring into more of my work, and hopefully completing these thumbnails can set me on my way to reaching that goal.



  1. I like these Dan, but I reckon you need them to be just a bit more closely aligned, as some of these make my eyes go a bit peculiar - as if I'd drunk (I'm not!) - just bring the lines and the in-fill a bit closer and I think they'll work very nicely :)

  2. This is a really nice style Dan! :) As Phil said though you need to align the colour a little bit more with the lineart because it is a tad confusing on the eyes but other than that they look great!

  3. Ok, thank you both. I'll get that sorted. :)