Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Life Drawing - 04/03/2015

In today's life drawing session, we were being a bit more experimental and were even able to work on other people's work. We began, however, with a 10 minute pose. I think the arms a bit too small, but I do like the overall drawing and it's detail. We then did a 5x minute pose, and as it was quite a basic pose, it was fairly straight forward. 

The next task was 2x 3 minute poses. As I was getting paper ready, I probably only spent about a minute on the first, but I think it looks quite accurate and well proportioned. I rushed the second drawing, also, in order to finish the first, but I think this one looks fairly accurate also.

I can't remember the duration of the next task, but we were asked to use ink or paint. I began by using a thick black ink, as my original intention was to do a black and white image with no outline. As it looked a bit strange, I decided to add colour. I used a marker pen, chalk, ink and paint for the colour, and I didn't focus on the colours that I was using and just went crazy with them. I quite like this one as the colours work really well with the black blocks, despite the torso being a bit too circular.

For our 4th and 5th tasks, we had to attach a brush to a long, thin stick and do the painting standing up. It was very hard to control, especially as I had a very flimsy stick that had a large heavy brush attached to it. Our 4th task was to do 3x 1 minute poses, I believe. The page is very obscure and is hard to tell what is going on. I did manage to create some interesting tones and it was quite a fun task to do. Our 5th, and final, task was to work for 1 minute on our own piece of paper, and then move onto the next. It was fun seeing the development of everyone's work, and so this was quite a fun task too. The outline of the model is reasonably clear, and the tone and background really add something to the painting. Sorry if I ruined anyone's.

10 minute pose (Left), 5 minute pose (Right)

2x 3 minute poses

Black ink with a series of colours.

3x 1 minute poses

Group pose

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  1. nice post, Dan - and great to see you breaking out of some of those exceptionally tidy outlines of yours!