Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Life Drawing: 25/03/2015

Today was our last life drawing session of the term, and we did some much faster poses. We did, however, begin with 3x 5 minute poses, which is obviously an exercise we're used to, and i a good way to "warm up". I really like my drawings as they are all well proportioned and have no clear error within them. As it was an exercise to get us used to the model, I kept it simple and stuck with my thin black pen. 

We then did 5x 1 minute poses. I tried not to look at all the detail and just got most of the shape and stance right. I then added colour where there were dark patches on the model. I quite like these as they are quite interesting poses and the colours work well, as both the colour of the lines/detail and the tone are similar. In the past, I have used completely different colours, and so I now think similar colours work much better.

After managing to do 1 more 5 minute pose, we got a bit faster by doing 30 second poses. I didn't have time to add the tones and so drew the body as fast as possible and added detail, if I had enough time. Sure, they're not proportioned correctly, but that's expected, however I think I got the overall stance right and positioning correct.

We then got a whole lot faster, by going down to 10 second poses. At first, I was going to do a load of full body drawings on a page then move on to another page, but as soon as the first pose was finished, I had only drawn the head, shoulders and left arm. I therefore decided to keep going as fast as I can, switching pens after each pose and sticking with the same page. It got more and more complex as it progressed and so the page looks very weird. I do quite like this page, though, a it has a sort of pattern to it and all the different colours look quite strange.

We then ended with 2x 20 minute poses. I drew them out in pen and then used a coloured pencil to add tone. For the second pose, the model was wearing clothes and so was a little different. Having got used to the model, I drew it out first as if she had no clothes on, then I drew the clothes over the top. This allowed me to get the proportions correct and for it to make sense. I really like these two drawings as the coloured pencil works with the pen outline well, and it is clear where the light is hitting the model.

3x 5 minute poses

5x 1 minute poses

1x 1 minute pose & 5x 30 second poses

10 second poses

20 minute pose

20 minute pose

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